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One of our Founders on TEDx!

Maria Evans presents "Interpreting Positivity." This video helps people understand the way to bring about a positive mindset in our everyday difficulties.

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Thriving Lives on Facebook


Our Facebook page offers video posts, written posts, and other information designed to increase knowledge on mental health topics, increase positive moments, and to increase conversations about mental health to continue to reduce stigma.

Thriving Lives Blog

Thriving Lives Blog

Written by licensed mental health professionals, the Thriving Lives Blog will help you gain insight into mental health research, information, and mind-healthy activities. 

Thriving Lives on Pinterest


 Our Pinterest page offers motivational quotes, healthy living information, and mindfulness images to help you keep working on your mental health while at home. 

Bethany Anne Galdes Foundation


Thriving Lives has partnered with the Bethany Anne Galdes Foundation to help bring much needed change to the way Depression is treated within the community.

Suicide Prevention Hotline

Suicide Prevention

No one should ever be without information or a number to call when life brings about scary moments. Click the image for the National Suicide Prevention website or call the hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

National Crisis Text Line

National Crisis Text Line

When a crisis strikes, it's good to know you have options. Text HOME to 741741 to speak to a trained crisis volunteer. Click the image for more information on the Crisis Text Line.