About Us

Our Founders


Two Licensed Mental Health Therapists deciding to create a place of hope, healing, and health.

Our Values


No decision or step is taken at Thriving Lives without keeping in line with our 3 Core Values.

Our Mission


Not only do we keep goal-planning in line with our values, but we also reference our mission for mental health care here in our community.


Our Founders

Maria Evans and Rene Roberts founded Thriving Lives in 2017. Their passion and dedication to the mental health field is evident through their continued work as clinicians as well as through the strong company values Thriving Lives believes in. 

Values at Thriving Lives


To create an experience by providing an environment that promotes collaboration, safety, and authenticity. 


We are passionate about breaking stigma, constant learning, and respecting each individual.


To recognize and value each individual's accomplishments, courage, and commitment.

Our Mission


Making mental health care accessible and exceptional.

At Thriving Lives we strive to make your mental health care a positive experience. What does that mean? It means that the moment you walk in the door you will feel welcomed, comfortable, and know that we are committed to bringing you the life change you want and deserve. 

We believe in a whole-health approach. This means you can expect us to care about you, not just about what is bringing you in for therapy. Sustainable life change is done through commitment and education, and we GUARANTEE our commitment to you and your goals. Let's work together to create the life you've always wanted.