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Maria Evans, MSCP, LLP, CCTP


Maria Evans works as a therapist and life coach. She received her master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Madonna University, and received a bachelor’s degree in both Brain, Behavioral, Cognitive Science and in English from the University of Michigan. Maria has also been featured as a TEDx Speaker for her knowledge on helping people gain a positive mindset.  

Maria Evans specializes in depression, trauma, anxiety, grief and loss, suicide & self-harming behaviors, people struggling with intense emotions, and people struggling to adjust to life transitions and change. Maria has years of experience working in community mental health settings where she has helped children, adolescents, and adults with even the most severe forms of mental illness find meaning and hope in their lives.  

Maria has been trained in multiple therapeutic techniques including Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Mindfulness, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Trauma Recovery and Empowerment. Maria is also a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, helping people struggling with PTSD. She works to identify a person’s values and life goals and utilizes the form of therapy that best suits that individual’s needs. Her approach is of warm collaboration, meaning that the individuals she sees are actively involved in their therapy and life-coaching process.  

Maria’s passion is helping people of all ages find and reclaim their inner strengths and abilities. She does both short-term and long-term mental health work.

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Rene Roberts, MSCP, LLP, CCTP


Rene Roberts works as a counselor, therapist, and life coach. She received her Bachelor of Science with High Honors and her Master of Science in Clinical Psychology from Madonna University.  Rene has trained in multiple therapeutic techniques including Psychodynamic, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Strategic Intervention Coaching and Mindfulness Training.  She specializes in depression, trauma, obesity issues, and individuals struggling with a variety of life issues and challenges. Rene is also a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional helping those who are struggling with PTSD. Rene also provides psychological testing and assessment for adults.


Rene Roberts uses Acceptance and Commitment Therapy or Training (ACT) which cultivates acceptance, mindfulness and openness to experience as a very effective model for mental health and life coaching. With ACT, clients develop mindfulness skills which will enable them to fundamentally change their relationship with painful thoughts and feelings. When practicing these skills in everyday life, painful feelings and unhelpful thoughts have much less impact and influence. Instead of wasting time and energy in a fruitless battle with inner experiences, ACT allows her clients to invest that energy to take action – guided by their deepest values.  

Rene has years of experience in helping others to achieve their goals and dreams. She is passionate about the ability of individuals to change and works closely with her clients to understand their goals and provide a supportive and collaborative environment. Rene does both short and long term work.

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Shayna Agosta, LMSW, CAADC, CCTP


Shayna Agosta provides counseling, therapy, and life coaching. She received her Bachelor of Social Work from Oakland University and her Master of Social Work from Michigan State University. Shayna is currently working towards her Ph.D. at the Institute for Clinical Social Work.

Shayna Agosta has been trained in multiple therapeutic techniques including Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Humanistic therapy. Shayna is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional helping those who are struggling with PTSD. She is also a Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor, helping individuals work through addiction issues.

Shayna Agosta specializes in addiction, trauma, co-dependency, relationship issues, anxiety, depression, and life transitions. She has a passion for working with adults and adolescents to overcome life issues and challenges. Her goal is to meet her clients where they’re at, and to help them work towards their goals.