Current Employment Opportunities

Licensed Mental Health Care Therapist - Children/Adolescents 


Thriving Lives is currently looking for another licensed therapist to join our team!  

This is a contractor position, so specific hours worked are set by you, and compensation comes in the form of a fee-split of services rendered. We are looking for a contractor wanting to see at least 15 – 20 clients per week, including some evenings, which will result in a compensation of $40,000 to $85,000 annually for you. We will provide referrals, billing & scheduling support, insurance enrollment support, office space, cloud-based electronic medical record-keeping system, peer consultation, and educational opportunities. 

When it comes to therapy services offered, Thriving Lives believes in offering our incoming clients the best and brightest minds in the area. We also acknowledge the many therapeutic models that exist and want to hire people that share in our core therapeutic beliefs that also model our company values:

*Welcoming: Our therapists demonstrate an authentic warm, compassionate, and empathetic attitude towards clients, staff, and themselves. The value of welcoming means our therapists are also individuals who understand the importance of collaboration with both their clients and colleagues while maintaining appropriate boundaries.

*Passion: All therapists at Thriving Lives are passionate about breaking the stigma that unfortunately still surrounds mental health disorders. Every therapist working at our office also values the benefits of constant learning and personal growth. 

*Recognition:  We believe in recognition of hard work and recognition of where people are currently at on their life journey. This fundamental principle applies to our work with our clients, co-workers, and ourselves. We recognize the courage it takes for individuals to reach out to us and become clients. We also recognize the importance of self-care and support required in this profession and therefore we have a weekly clinical meeting to meet these needs. 


· Fully licensed (no temporary/educational licenses) in State of Michigan (LLP, LP, LMSW, LPC) 

· Experience discussing cash pay and insurance information to new and existing clients

· Experience with full-battery psychological testing a plus (if LP or LLP)

· Experience and passion working with children/adolescents

· Experience with electronic medical records a plus (SimplePractice)

Job Duties:

In addition to the requirements listed above in our values section, licensed therapists at Thriving Lives must also:

· Stay current on all notes, intakes, and discharges per company and contractor’s

   licensure policy using the EMR system provided

· Handle intake calls as needed to develop initial rapport

· Attend Monday clinical meeting for peer consultation, education, and clinical


· Comply with the policies and procedures of Thriving Lives.

· Maintain licensure as required by State of Michigan

· Conduct workshops (promoted by Thriving Lives) if so desired

Additional Information

All employees and contractors of Thriving Lives are selected based on their exceptional knowledge and skills as well as having values that closely align with our business values of: Welcoming, Passion, and Recognition. To learn more about our values, click the link below.